OMG: E3 euphoria only two days away!

Billions of people get excited each year when the Christmas holiday season starts. Dozens of millions of football fans will be glued to their screens when the European Football Championship kicks off on June 8. A plethora of gamers around the world will experience the same level of excitement when Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2012 starts early next week. Many of those (me included!) are already psyched about the games that will be shown and the announcements that the industry’s top companies will make. Therefore, it’s only fitting that I share what I’m thrilled to see starting Monday.


Gears of War: Judgment was just announced two days ago, so not much is known about the game, but those that have had the chance to read the Game Informer issue are saying it’s a prequel not about Marcus Fenix, but Baird, Cole, and two other companions. It will be interesting to see how different it will be from the trilogy (since it’s a spin-off title). Seeing as how Halo 4 is coming out late this year, Judgment will then be out next year, but when? It would be unusual for Microsoft not to release a new flagship title in Q4 which seems kind of far off, begging the question why come out with the announcement so soon. Then again, Microsoft did the same with Halo 4 – announced at E3 2011, release in Fall 2012.

Other than Judgment, I’m excited to see the single-player portion of Halo 4 at the MS presser. The rest will probably be related to Kinect and Xbox’s other entertainment options.


As far as games go, I can’t wait to see gameplay footages of The Last of Us and God of War: Ascension. We know quite a bit about the former, but not much about the latter. I know it’s next to impossible, but I want Santa Monica Studio to surpass the previous entries when it comes to the single-player campaign.

Next, Sony is probably going to outline what its strategy for the Vita will be. A price cut or just a bunch of new game announcements? We’ll see.

Rumoured to take place at the presser is a Gaikai partnership announcement which would be amazing if true. It would show that Sony is in synch with where things are going in the industry and gamers would get more options to choose from. A double win.


Nintendo has the most to prove out of the three. They already made it clear they won’t announce the price and launch date. Some are predicting they will announce a new name for the console which would be a good move, in my opinion. It already confused a hell of a lot of journalists at last year’s E3 as to what it was and consumers won’t be any different, only worse. Changing the name would not only make it clearer that it’s a brand new console, but it would also be more appealing to the core gamers who were left with a bad taste in their mouths following the disappointing, more casual-oriented Wii.


Apart from these, I also can’t wait to see EA showcase Dead Space 3 and their big new social game. Tough not confirmed, I think they will also be showing off Dragon Age 3 for the first time. Then, I’m also curious to find out about the mid-tier games Zynga has been working on. Last but certainly not least, I’m psyched to see Unreal Engine 4 in motion and how it will change gaming.

Two more days and then it’s show time, woo hoo!


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